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Hi! We’re Pat and Grace - Co-founders of Your Conscious Cart!

We met years ago as students in the University of the Philippines - Manila doing our undergraduate degrees in Organisational Communication. Over the years, we’ve stayed in touch because of our common interests in all things skin care, beauty, and sustainable living, exchanging tips and recommendations for products, brands, and stores to shop at. Our exchanges became more frequent when we both found ourselves living in a city with more options for people who want to live more sustainably - Melbourne!

So, after a long time of swapping recommendations, scouring the internet for information, and using several resources to help us along the way, we decided to create the guide we wish we had when we were starting out on our journey to more sustainable living. Full of tips for beginners, information on brands’ sustainability credentials, and coverage of several industries, we want Your Conscious Cart to be your go-to whenever you need tips on how to shop more sustainably, whether it be for skincare and makeup or homewares and pet care.

Our hope is that Your Conscious Cart can make it easier for you to shop in a way that aligns with your lifestyle and values by cutting out the time and effort spent on research (we do that for you!). 

We hope you have fun looking around and that what you find here can help you add to your cart guilt-free from here on out. 


Learn more about Pat and Grace here

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Researching and Writing


YCC will always be honest and factual in presenting information on any of our channels to the best of our ability, regardless of any connections to the brand and products being featured, whether through family, friends, sponsorships, or advertising deals.



YCC will always be inclusive in its presentation of all content. We celebrate people of all ethnicities, religions, and gender identities and will always consciously choose to represent this in the language and photos on all our platforms, as well as in the choice of brands we feature.

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YCC will always be free of judgment of people’s shopping preferences and choices. Everyone’s opinion on what’s best for them will always be respected.

We will always encourage people to pursue whatever fits their lifestyle and circumstances and will never judge what people choose to do with their hard-earned money.

Studying Together


YCC will always have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning. We will always encourage others to educate us on topics that our audience may know more about and will never turn down a chance to learn new things in the world of conscious consumption.

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The Environmental

Working Group

EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that educates and empowers consumers to make safer and more informed decisions through reports, online databases, apps, and campaigns.



HwaHae is a Korean app that helps consumers analyse Korean beauty and skin care products for potential allergens and ingredients to avoid. 


Think Dirty

The Think Dirty® app educates users on potential toxins in your household, personal care, and beauty products.


INCI Beauty

The INCI Beauty app allows consumers to search for products or scan product barcodes to learn about their composition. It also grants users access to a wide range of information about cosmetic ingredients.

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Official Brand

Resources & Communication

We conduct our own research on the brands and products we feature on YCC - that includes a dive into their official channels (website and social media), 

a look into their campaigns and communications, and email correspondence with the respective brands.

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