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Brand Break Down: Spacewhite

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

*This feature is not sponsored or paid for in any way by Spacewhite or any other invested party

A huge amount of waste from common household products are produced by homes around the world - from empty bottles of cleaning products, toilet paper wrappers, etc. to the waste that leaves homes in the form of water contaminated with harsh cleaning chemicals. Many people are beginning to get wise to this and have started looking for better and less wasteful ways to clean their homes, and a lot of companies have started making products to help them do that. One of those companies is Spacewhite.

Offering consumers a “newer, kinder way to clean,” Spacewhite wants to change the way you clean while also saving you money. Their goal is to make it easy for consumers to make small changes that make a big impact over time, like changing the products you use to clean your home. Ideally, that change means switching to products that use ingredients that are kinder to the environment and leave behind zero plastic waste - like Spacewhite.

We reached out to the brand and spoke with a representative to learn more about the company.


Spacewhite has no parent company and is Australian-owned.


Soacewhite uses bamboo instead of timber fiber in their paper products which are all FSC-certified. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants and harvesting it for paper products does not involve destroying the entire plant. This means bamboo can be harvested annually instead of waiting for a tree to grow for 25 years and cutting it down completely for toilet paper.

Their laundry sheets contain concentrated, planet-friendly detergent with a tough cleaning powder that is gentle on skin and clothes. They are paragon, phosphate, and chlorine bleach-free. The full list of ingredients are all available on their website for both variants - Standard and Stain & Odour.

Their Antibacterial EO Water Generator, which turns salt and water into a germ-killing solution, comes with a reusable bottle that applies a low-voltage electrical charge to salt and water that creates the cleaning solution, scientifically referred to as Hypochlorous Acid (HClO). This acid is the same thing our white blood cells release to fight bacteria and viruses in the body, which means EO Water is gentle on the skin and 100% safe for household use.

They explain the process on their website, but basically, the generator uses electrolysis to break up the molecules in the salt and water to form new, more powerful molecules to give EO water the “cleaning and antibacterial power of bleach, without the nasty chemicals.”

They are PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan.


Spacewhite works with an ethical manufacturer located near the biggest bamboo forest in China. This manufacturer operates using a closed-loop system: the water they use is recycled in the production process. They also treat the bamboo pulp using an elemental chlorine-free process that eliminates over 90% of dioxins that otherwise would be released into the environment. Their manufacturer being close to their raw materials also means they reduce their transport emissions.


Spacewhite does not use plastic in their packaging, which is made from either paper or cardboard. They also use eco-friendly adhesives, no plastic sticky tape.

Their lightweight laundry sheets are less than a quarter of the size of bulky laundry powder packages so they also reduce emissions by taking up less space in transport.

They currently do not offer a recycling or refilling program, however, they encourage multi-use of their products and recycling their packaging.


Spacewhite has partnered with One Tree Planted. With every order placed, they plant one tree in Australia. Also, as they are committed to eradicating single-use plastics in their products and business as a whole, 90% of their profits are reinvested into the development of replacements for single-use plastics, minimising transport emissions, and supporting “a realistic and achievable low-waste lifestyle.”


Spacewhite is still a small business and is made up of 3 men and 4 women.


Making the change to a have more sustainable home always starts with small things. Our daily choices, like the kind of household products we choose to purchase, are what form the habits that support a sustainable lifestyle. For Spacewhite, that’s what it’s all about - making it easy for consumers to choose the products that tread lightly on the planet. And instead of trying to find ways to reuse and recycle the plastic you already have in your home, they want to reduce it so you don’t have as much to begin with - a great idea we can all get behind.

Spacewhite is available in Australia.


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