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Brand Break Down: The Swag

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

*This feature is not sponsored or paid for in any way by The Swag or any other invested party

How many times have you done a big shop for groceries and at the end of the week, have had to clean out wilted or rotten fruit and veg from your fridge? It’s annoying, isn’t it? It’s also a waste of your hard-earned money and contributing to the wider food waste issue which is one of the biggest problems the world faces right now.

There are ways we can prevent this - meal planning, more frequent shopping trips for fewer items, etc., but sometimes, for whatever reason, these might not work for everyone.

Enter The Swag - “a patented bag that keeps fruit, veggies, herbs & leafy greens fresh, crisp & healthy” for two or more weeks. By just changing the way you store your produce from plastic to The Swag bags, you can significantly reduce food waste in your home, save money, and reduce the amount of plastic you use to store your produce. It’s a unique product that helps manage one of the most common household waste problems. So, we reached out to a representative from The Swag to learn more about their innovative products and the company that makes them.

Peita Pini, founder and Managing Director of The Swag


The Swag, founded by Peita Pini, is registered as Swag Australia Pty Ltd


The Swag products are made from three unique layers of unbleached, unseeded (greige) cotton, which is cotton fabric in its rawest and most natural state. The Swag chose this material to make their products with partly because leading wholesalers of “eco-fabrics” also told them that if they were to keep their families’ food in a piece of fabric, they’d choose this every time. So, after three years of looking for the best non-toxic, environmentally-friendly fabric, they chose unbleached, unseeded cotton.

The products are also non-toxic and non-allergenic (Australian Standard lab tested) as well as cruelty free and vegan, although they do not have the respective certifications.


The manufacturer for The Swag products is a female-led team in India. They are certified for ethical trading practices by SEDEX, the world’s leading ethical trade service provider who works to improve working conditions in global supply chains. They help companies source responsibly and improve their responsible and sustainable business practices. SEDEX also reviews their supply chain, conduct yearly audits of the factory, and posts the results on their website.

The Swag originally wanted to launch with certified organic cotton, however, they were faced with a few challenges. One was that certification has to be done at every step - from growing and ginning, to spinning, up until the product reaches the customer. With India and China producing the bulk of the world's cotton, the cost of certification is also very high which made it cost-prohibitive for many farmers who grow cotton out of these countries. They also discovered that several factories or mills illegally paid for organic certification and they did not want to sell a product that they were not 100% sure of. Since then, The Swag has found a mill that sells GOTS certified cotton materials and is working towards making a 100% certified organic range in the future.


The Swag packages their products in 100% compostable packaging. The Swag range is also 100% compostable. When The Swag itself has reached the end of its lifespan (which is generally about two years), you can bury it in the garden as earthworm food.

As for shipping, The Swag uses two third-party logistics providers, one in the USA and one in Australia.


A portion of every sale at The Swag goes directly to Destiny Rescue. Last financial year, The Swag donated 100% of its profits to this worthy organisation dedicated to freeing children trapped in human trafficking.

Since 1st July 2018, a portion of revenue from every product sold either directly online or through our wholesalers is donated to Destiny Rescue’s important global work.


When asked about diversity in their workplace, we received this answer from The Swag brand representative: “Our small business supports a team of dedicated, passionate staff, no matter their ethnicity, location or otherwise. Our job descriptions and Swag staff handbook reflect that.” However, we did not receive any specific demographics or policies.


We should all be taking steps to reduce the waste we produce from our homes. One simple thing we can do that can make a big difference is reducing (or ideally, eliminating) food waste. Unfortunately, this can be difficult considering we all live such busy lives. That’s why we think products in The Swag range are so successful and have such stellar reviews - they make reducing food waste easier for those who may not have other methods that fit well in their lifestyle. And if you’re still hesitant to try out The Swag, maybe their 30-day money-back guarantee might encourage you to head to their website and have a look around.

The Swag is available worldwide via their website.


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