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Your Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We know it’s hard to think of gifts for everyone on your list. It’s even harder if you’re trying to give sustainable gifts as well. So, we decided to compile some ideas and suggestions of where to shop to give you some inspiration for what to give your loved ones for the holidays.

*This post has not been sponsored or paid for by any of the brands mentioned.

**This post contains affiliate links and Your Conscious Cart may make a small commission from any purchases made using said links at no cost to you.


Green Toys

Green Toys are made of 100% recycled materials and manufactured in the USA. The company designs their toys based on iconic toys and traditional play patterns that have stood the test of time. Basically, they go for the classics - boats, work vehicles, planes, sand playsets, and more. They even have Disney and Sesame Street collections! All very cute. All their products are also packaged in 100% recycled cardboard printed with soy inks.


BioDough is exactly what it sounds like - safer modelling dough for kids. Their doughs are all rehydratable (yay for less waste!), and scented & coloured with food-grade ingredients. All accessories are BPA-free and recyclable, and they are 100% Australian made and owned.

Petit Pli clothes for babies and toddlers

Okay, so this one is probably more of a present for new parents than the kids, but we’re including it because it’s a good one. Award-winning London-based company Petit Pli makes clothes that grow with kids instead of being outgrown by them, thus addressing the wastefulness in the world of baby and kids' clothes. Their products are also made from recycled materials and are “breathable, lightweight, rainproof, and ripstop.”


Kjaer Weis

Created by professional makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the brand’s entire range offers high-performance organic makeup in luxurious yet refillable packaging made with the intention to reduce waste. Their kits are good gift options for a makeup junkie on the go.

Kester Black

If you have someone on your list who loves doing their nails, this is the place to get their present. Kester Black makes high-performance nail care and nail colour that can be enjoyed without worrying about any potential harm to the environment. They’re even carbon neutral! Their gift sets are available on their website now, just in time for the holidays.


Pela Cases

Pela’s cases and tech accessories are great options for that person on your list who loves their gadgets and loves taking care of them. Pela’s phone cases, AirPods cases, and smartwatch bands are all 100% compostable and come in a variety of great colours and designs. Pela is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

Solar Power Banks

Power banks are great little gadgets to have for anyone who relies heavily on their device. Getting ones that juice up via solar energy is even better. Not only is it better because it uses solar energy, but it’s also great for someone who loves going on adventures in the great outdoors as it can be charged anywhere you can expose it to the sun. This one in particular has a 26800 mAh capacity, IP66 water-resistant, and has a multi-mode emergency flashlight.


Multi-Use Backpack

Tentree’s Mobius 35L Backpack is a great gift if you want to splurge on a loved one who’s constantly on the go. With a standard 15” laptop sleeve, a multi-literage system that allows it to convert anywhere from a 16L to 35L pack, plus the 4-way zippers make it a great everyday carry for people who need flexibility. The bag is made from sustainably sourced materials - 100% REPREVE recycled polyester (made of recycled plastic bottles), their BLOOM foam padding, and recycled post-industrial factory waste, making it the most eco-progressive backpack in the world. And honestly, we expected nothing less from this B Corp certified company.

Reusable Portable Food & Drink Containers

Disposable plastic cutlery, food containers, or cups are things we should all leave in the past. So if you have a friend who always brings lunch or snacks, consider giving them something more sustainable to put their food in. There are tons of options to choose from in this category - non-plastic, reusable lunch boxes; portable, reusable cutlery; or reusable drink bottles. Our only bit of advice is to try your best to get ones that match their style or aesthetic to encourage them to bring and use them every day.


The Swag Produce Bags

For the home cooks in your life who hate food waste, The Swag products might be good presents. Made with unseeded, unbleached cotton, the bags can help keep produce fresh for up to two weeks when used correctly. They currently have gift wrapped bundles on their website, which is great for you busy bees out there.

Food Storage

For those on your gift list who love to meal prep, eco-friendly food storage is a great choice. There are tons of brands that make them. From simple silicone food savers and sandwich bags to different kinds of plastic-free meal containers, there are tons of options and we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding ones that suit your loved ones’ lifestyle.


Cork Mats and Blocks

If you have a yogi or pilates enthusiast on your gift list, why not get them a more sustainable mat option for their workouts? Cork is incredibly sustainable. Cork is harvested without having to damage or cut down a single tree and is renewable and biodegradable. It also happens to be a great material for workout equipment like mats and blocks, something your health and environmentally conscious loved ones will appreciate.

Patagonia Gear

Patagonia is an innovative company that makes apparel essentials for sports enthusiasts - climbers, bikers, runners, and snow & water sports enthusiasts. Choose from an array of swimwear, snow gear, hiking apparel, and so much more - all made sustainably by a company actively working to eliminate or mitigate all of their carbon emissions by 2025. Patagonia products are 83% Fair Trade Certified sewn, and made of a mix of recycled & sustainably sourced materials. (More info here)


Zero Waste Bundles/Kits

And finally, for those on your list who, like you, are on a journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, zero waste bundles or kits are a fantastic gift option. Many brands do these sets and there are different kinds to choose from - travel bundles, kitchen items, bathroom & skincare essentials, and lots more. Here are a few of our picks:

Kappi SUPERmarket Set

Kappi Zero Waste Lifestyle Gift Pack

Biome Zero Waste Laundry Swaps Bundle

Biome Zero Waste Cool Shave Bundle

Ever Eco Spring Cleaning Bundle

Ever Eco Ultimate On-the-Go Bundle

Seed & Sprout Baker’s Dozen Gift Set


All of these are just ideas, of course. There are many, many other companies all over the world making eco-friendly products that would make wonderful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season and we highly encourage you to have a look around for them. By choosing to buy presents from brands that support sustainability, not only are you supporting these businesses and the advocacy they support, you’re also introducing them to people who might just make the choice to live just a bit more sustainably moving forward, which is a great holiday present for all, including Mother Nature.

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