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Patricia Sy

Patricia, 29, is a retailer with online stores in the Philippines and Australia. She loves traveling, photography, and free diving. She also maintains a YouTube channel documenting her travels and skincare finds. 

As a conscious shopper she prefers products that are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.

Skin: combination, PIH

Hair: straight, thick

Current faves: Indie Lee, Purito, Syrene Skincare, Krave Beauty, Moxie Silk Pads, CosRX

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Grace Winstanley

Grace is a 30-something small business owner and integrated marketing practitioner. She loves the beach and her doggo, Charlie Brown.

She is a skin and hair care enthusiast with an interest in fashion but hates the dodgy business practices that come with them so she shops cruelty-free and zero waste whenever and wherever possible.

Skin: combination, hates winter

Hair: thick, curly (2c/3a)

Current faves: Innersense Organic Beauty, The Ordinary, Dermalogica, Shea Moisture, RMS Beauty

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